Thursday, May 31, 2012

To the teachers

This is to all the folks out there that I didn't talk to before school ended and to all those I did.

Thank you. 

My children thank you too. 

It's hard being new, and you made it just a bit better for the boys.  You made our mornings tear free.  And that's big.  You made the idea of school ending a little bitter sweet.  You made them smile each day for 185 days. 

You loved them.

You taught them.

And for that, again, thank you.

And to all the others that make a school run, a big thank you to y'all as well.  For every note they carried to the office and were greeted warmly, thank you.  For making paperwork easy, THANK YOU!  For caring about the kiddos enough to learn their names - all 700 of them - thank you. 

And to Gordon and Chad, my kids never knew keeping care of a place could be so cool until they met you.  All of us mommas should be shouting thank you for that lesson right there. Thank you for every bag of trash you carried and every high five you gave and every laugh you drew out of those little ones.  They love you.  They truly do.

So, to all, again, thank you.