Thursday, August 1, 2013

Green Beans

Family Promise is a non profit, ecumenical organization that helps homeless families get out of their cars, off the streets, and into a warm, safe place while they receive a bit of nurturing and guidance.  The participating families stay with the program around twelve weeks, where they are then assisted into a permanent residence.  Family Promise provides hope.  It also provides a unique opportunity for volunteers to connect with people from all over the community and societal ladder in a way which breaks down barriers and builds relationship - food at the family table.

The other night the latest rotation needed green beans prepared for twenty five people.  For a small gathering, the local farms are the perfect source for fresh green beans this time of year.  But for a large party, frozen green beans work just as well.  Check ingredients to make sure the only one listed is green beans.  No chemicals are needed in preserving frozen vegetables.

Green Beans (Serves 8 to 10 or one certain family of four that eats them like candy....)

2 lbs fresh, snapped beans or one 2 lb bag, frozen
4 cups chicken broth
1/3 cup organic soy sauce (Trader Joe's version is also fine.  Organic is for those grabbing some at an area grocer.)
1/4 cup organic raw sugar (May substitute raw honey)
2 Tsp kosher or sea salt
1 Tsp fresh ground pepper

Place green beans in large pot.  Pour in broth and add water to cover beans with liquid.  Add additional ingredients.  Stir until mixed.  Bring to boil.  Allow to boil for a couple minutes before simmering.  Cook until desired softness, longer for fresh beans.  Use slotted spoon to serve.  Broth may be saved for future dishes.  Rice is yummy cooked using the left over broth instead of water.

***Ingredients for dish were purchased at BiLo in York.  On hand items came from monthly trips to Trader Joe's or from the York BiLo.  Walmart may also sell many of these ingredients.***