Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kelly: Is God bigger than a tree?

Me: Yes.

Kelly: If you water it and give it sunlight and care for it...will it grow bigger?

Me: Yes.

Truth. I have had myself a horrible no good very bad last several days. Nobody has pinched me. Nobody has picked on me. But I have been in a slump I am finding hard to beat. Friday I sent three kids to "the little red chair" by the director at preschool. Then I held one of my precious babies til her mom came to pick her up because she slipped off the edge of a chair that had a hook on the side and split her head open. One minute beautiful girl sitting in chair holding baby doll not wanting to ride a tricycle with the other (precious) crazies. Next minute Marilyn and me rushing her to the front so that we can try to stop the huge amount of bleeding. Head wounds bleed. She bled so much it was matted in most of her hair and she smelled like iron. Turns out she didn't even need a stitch. I, however, wanted a stiff drink. Did I mention head wounds bleed? Then Saturday came, and my family wanted lunch and it was just too much for me to bear. I cried off and on the rest of the day. Sunday got better, but Monday I had to go back to work after The Incident, and I cried after I had survived that day. Then, Monday night, I had promised the kids we could go to a church dinner and I tried to get out of it. Key (my oldest) told me it would be fine if we didn't go. And yet, he had those red rimmed eyes that meant he didn't really mean it, he was just trying to be nice to his mom who had been in that horrible no good very bad mood. I gave in, but not before demanding that I have five minutes to play solitaire on my phone before getting back up off the couch again. And then we went to dinner.

And I needed that dinner more than anything. I saw friends. I sang songs. I ate fried chicken. I met some instant new friends. (More on them later.)

Tuesday I spent the day listening to Christian music, resting, and reading devotional blogs. Tuesday was the day I had that conversation with Kelly. Tuesday was the day I finally watered my faith, played my viola, and stood in the sunlight talking to my wonderful friend, Cindy.

Point is, when I take care of my faith, my soul, my relationship with God and with Jesus, it grows abundantly. And it feels so, so good. It feels even better after time neglected, just like food tastes better when you're hungry. And all that prompting to nourish my soul, to stop with the horrible no good very bad attitude came from the Spirit through my children.

Now, I'm still not perfect, but I am in a better mood today, that's for sure. And I can't wait to tell you about my new friends....

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