Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our life since the move....


1.  Eden Terrace house, aka rental home - Needs WAY too much work to make it a reasonable investment.  So a BIG no. 

Must find a new home....

2.  Bethelfields new build neighborhood - Cannot find lot that will fit house that fits our needs.  Fizzles out.

3.  Hunter's Place foreclosure - Shifty real estate agents on both sides kills the deal.

Hired new real estate agents and tried again.  Still shiftiness from other side, so no go.

4.  Millcreek Falls new build - Dishonest sales agent that price gouges.  No deal.

5.  Peaceful Creek foreclosure - Bank unwilling to negotiate.  Nope.

6.  River Hills foreclosure - Beautiful, but again, bank unwilling to negotiate.  Finished.

7.  River Hills estate sale - Good deal, but horrible inspection, and two closings costs for a renovation loan.  Over budget.  Gone.

8.  Peaceful Creek foreclosure take two - Price fell, so put in our offer.  Again.  Bidding war.  Denied.  No accepted.  Too much running us around.  Nadda.

9.  Lynwood Dr. Judge's house - Owner financing that really just meant we pay down their mortgage until they get back on their feet, then they sell the house at a premium.  Bad financial conditions.  No.

10.  Current deal, the Congress St. house - Postponed closing and move date four times, bad inspection, shady real estate agent/ seller/ contractor try to cover up problems, caught in lies, new contractor, more inspections, and a last minute prayer.  If repaired correctly, it is to finally be our new house.

Searching for a home has taken over a year and lots of money.  Lots of inspections. 

Silver lining = I know this county better than the average citizen, and I've seen the insides of all those homes people wonder about.

Very tired.

Whole family emotionally drained.


School = Wrong educational choice for us, but good teachers, and we all made friends.  Mixed bag of tears and blessings.

Starting homeschool this August as result.


Soccer Club one = Disaster.  Emotionally exhausting, bad training, unhappy and miserable child.  Must switch to...

Soccer Club two = Successful spring season.  Good new friends.  Team falls apart for next year, so...

Soccer Club three = Potential fit.  Time will tell.


Church One = Differing views on lots of things.

Keep searching...

Church two and Church three = Nice services, but still on a search.  Long drive and out of our community.  Too difficult to participate.

Church four = Again, far away, but possibly worth it.  And....nope.  Too far from future home.  No ability to participate.

Church search stopped until we find a home = No church for quite a while.  Lots of sleeping in, but lots of struggling with prayer and faith.


Michael's job = SUCCESS!!  Thank you Jesus!  At least we got one thing right first time around!  Of course this is our third town from job changes, so maybe third time's a charm is a better statement for this one.


Supposed to move this coming Saturday, but the repairs are to be finished a mere two hours before closing on Friday, so we could easily end up in a short term storage and corporate housing complex while we continue our quest for a home. 


Prayers would be much appreciated.

**The above year is the reason this blog is on life support.**

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