Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Peach Jam Recipe

I am going to make peach jam.  I have to make peach jam.  I have peaches still frozen from last year in the freezer, freshly picked peaches in the refrigerator, and no chicken broth.  I need to cook a chicken so that I can make my own stock.  But I don't have room in the freezer to store the stock because I have been collecting and freezing freshly picked fruit like any good foodie hoarder would do living five minutes from a plethora of  pick your own farms.

So to make room for chicken stock, I must make peach jam.

And because I am not completely staisfied with any recipes I see, I am going to make up my own.

Two, actually.

Small batches, maybe.  Maybe not.

These are the ingredients I am going to experiment with in large batch measurements, though I may halve these if I feel eight to ten jars of rosemary compote could be a bit excessive.  Foodie hoarders, be proud.

10 to 11 cups of chopped peaches - The ones in my freezer still have skins, so I am going to use those for this particular batch, but skinning peaches is always a move in the positive direction.

6 cups organic, raw sugar

Two liquid packets or one box of liquid pectin - No judging, you whole food organic critics.  I like to use my liquid pectin.

One lemon, juiced and zested

A good, healthy bunch of fresh rosemary twigs off the little plant on my front porch.

Cook down everything.  Then add the pectin.  Boil/ simmer for another fifteen minutes. - I read that you can add up to a half teaspoon of butter to reduce foaming, and I might try it if I remember.  Add that before the pectin.

Put the whole cooked yumminess in your jars, stick a lid and screw on 'em, and boil the jars for fifteen minutes.  I am sure the CDC would love it if I boiled them for twenty minutes, but I have never found it to be necessary to go that long.

For the second batch, I will do everything the same, but I will use half brown sugar, take out the rosemary and lemon and throw in a pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg, and a tiny half teaspoon of vanilla.


I'll let you know how this goes...

I am thinking the first recipe for meat and salmon, and the second for breakfast.

Wish me luck!

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