Saturday, September 14, 2013

One Dress? What?

A couple of years ago some women from my church, my old church to be exact, decided to do the whole one dress campaign.  I wanted to be involved.  But I had just moved away.  And I was too crazy busy functioning on my new life in a new place and Way Too Lonely to go about self introspection on my own while my friends did it together.  Nope.  Just not a possibility.

Then last year I thought about the whole 1 dress campaign again.
For various reasons.
One is because I want to start a sewing theory.
Really I want to make clothes for me and a girl I do. not. have.
And I want to make clothing for third world boys.
Seriously with the pilowcase dresses saving the world.  What about the boys?!?!?
Another because I like challenges.
And, HELLO, most people in the world do. not. have. a walk in closet. full. of. clothes.
Seriously.  What would it be like to own one dress?
Hence the "to connect with me" reason.
And to find camaraderie with my old church girlfriends.
And because I like challenges.  Did I say that?
Also. No biggie. I want. A. Girl. (Can you tell I have boys?)

But, alas, I had just started homeschooling and was already on a crazy train and just did not think the idea of wearing the same thing every. day. for. a. whole. month. while. teaching. my. OWN. CHILDREN. was a good idea and so, again, I focused elsewhere.

So here we are.

The One Dress Campaign is for the month of October and THIS YEAR I AM READY.  I live in a home I am not leaving in the foreseeable future.  I have homeschooling down to a science (not really but let's pretend).  I have hit a good stride in my hippie phase.  I am canning on a regular basis and even know what a scoby is.  I. AM. READY.

Here's the thing.  I don't know why I am doing it, except that I feel a desire to connect with God.  I think I am fairly simple in my desires and yet the moment I start a budget I feel the need to go buy something.  And what that tells me is I am not simple.  Humble.  Satisfied in my abundant blessings.

Yes. This year I am ready.  It is time.

Because I am at a place where I am willing to learn a bit about myself in a way that I have never tried before.


I may not make it.

I am not promising to go for the whole month.

What I am promising is that I will try....
and I will struggle....
and I will learn....
and I will share.

So for those utterly confused at this point,  

October Dress Project (The Original:))

P.S.  Now to pick the dress.  Fifteen days and counting.....

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