Thursday, March 18, 2010


"I was born in TN, late July humidity, doctors say I am lucky to be alive..."

Brandon Heath song

Okay, not entirely true for me, but I WAS born in TN in May and I am lucky I even got here. That's another story for another day. The reason I start with a song is that songs remind me of driving in the car during the freedom of summer and taking off through the mountains towards my home. The home town where I had the privilege of growing up. I LOVE Maryville, TN. You would not have known this fact the summer before I left for college, but hindsight 20/20 is how my brain tends to operate. In my time on the Earth I have traveled some, and most of it was before husband and kids came along. All of my siblings and my parents have traveled what I would call extensively and have lived overseas and get sent to exciting places regularly for work or in law visits. I go to Augusta, GA for the day or maybe to Atlanta or Maryville to see the family and then we make a 2 hour drive to the beach occasionally. The places I go are all accessible within an afternoon in a car. I like my homebody status. I get jealous of all these friends whose parents live in the same town with them, and they get free babysitting, and they get to just hang out, and if they get on each other's nerves they just go home to their house. And then have dinner together next week. Pretty nice set up if you ask me. I like my family. I'd be okay with all of us living closer together. I like my in laws. I'd be okay living near them too. And yet, right now, I live in Columbia, which I do love. And I have this tendency to fall in love with where I am, once I have had the time to make myself comfortable. I loved Aiken before Columbia. Now I am settled here. Yet I got born into this traveling family and married this man that speaks Japanese, God help me, and so I think God is having fun continually knocking me out of my comfort status. Because now Michael is in FL on business, and we are praying for a clue as to what our future is shaping up to look like. Do I get to stay put? Do we move? Does Michael find a new job? What's transpiring in God's universe that involves me that I don't know about? And to top it all off, I have naively been tootling along for a year now imagining a station of the cross in which I create Simon of Cyrene's travel bag. Now I'm wondering if God wasn't sending me my clue for A YEAR NOW and I am just now getting it! I am making MY travel bag, and now that I might be understanding, though hopefully I'm overthinking, I can't seem to get started. Oh, Lord. Please help me. Seriously!

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  1. I'm a big fan of overthinking. :^)
    And I love that you were possibly making your own travelling bag...