Friday, July 23, 2010

Tabouli and the 4th of July

Yesterday we went to the mountains. It was beautiful, blue skies, warm breeze, cold, cold water, and lots of rocks to climb. The adults got ourselves situated while the kids played, and once we all settled down, we could fully enjoy our surroundings. Our surroundings. Which included numerous other family groups in similar situations, save one minor detail. The picnic area was beginning to smell delicious - cooked red meat delicious. And that heavenly scent was not coming from our little picnic area. No. Because I grew up in a tabouli family. The kids took about five minutes of all this before asking when dinner would be served, and what exactly had we packed in our picnic basket? Indeed, what had we packed? Well, I graciously informed them that we had luscious strawberries, carrot sticks, and...couscous and fresh parsley salad. Yeah! Oh, yes, we were all thrilled with our yummy organic vegetarian meal amidst a constant breeze filled with the fumes of charcoal and barbecued beef. For my children, it was torture. They asked if someday soon we could go to Chick fil A. My father thought the whole situation hilarious - he was the maker of our gourmet organic vegetarian couscous salad. For me, well, it felt just like the fourth of July back when I was around sixteen. Because I distinctly remember those wonderful summer holidays where we would pack up a cooler, pop a squat in an ampitheater somewhere nearby, listen to a patriotic concert, and eat....tabouli salad. My best friend, Christie, will most certainly have the same memories, since I dragged her along. Tomorrow, we will have salami sandwiches. In the mountains. It's a compromise. But I have finally insisted that once we come home, we will eat hamburgers and roast marshmallows. Maybe we'll even go all out and make smores. I mean, seriously, a girl can only take so much.


  1. I loved the cous cous salad! Your dad is some cook. And the marshmallows, well, they were delicious even if I was sweating. LOL! Thanks for dinner and a nice visit. I'm glad I got to see your mom and dad and Susan too. Hope to talk to you soon.

  2. Patty! I feel like I just got to have a long talk with you. Missed reading your blog!
    I totally recognize that longing a kid feels smelling someone else's grilling. We rarely had meat growing up, but sometimes we'd have turkey dogs on the grill (not my favorite). While they were cooking, I'd smell the neighbor's big ol' steak on their grill. Absolute misery.
    Funny, I still don't eat much meat, and I wonder if my boys will have similar wistful memories...