Thursday, September 16, 2010


Michael and I have been morosely fascinated the last few nights by a tv show called, "Hoarders: Buried Alive" on TLC. It is quite disturbing, and each of these people is visibly mentally ill in some way. Essentially these people were already shoppers and a bit cluttery when something traumatic happened in their lives. Daily living became overwhelming, and when they finally woke up from their grief and their walking coma, they didn't know how to move forward. Most of these people are so attached to their things they get downright nasty towards the loved ones and the special crews brought in to help them.

So last night on the couch, Michael turns to me and says, "These people need Jesus. I mean, what would he say to them if he walked into their mess? He'd say you need me. Just me. This stuff, this mess, is just stuff. I am what matters. Me, and your faith in me, and the people here on this Earth that make up your community. That is all you need." My sweet, sweet husband. He's thinking about Jesus, saying intelligent thoughts, while I'm still trying to get over the extent of these people's environment.

Well, the point to all this is, do I hoard? I mean, I started to make comments, when Michael stopped me to say that just because their mental illness was clearly more visible, it didn't mean the rest of us were model citizens of mental health. He did agree he wouldn't be as sweet about it all as the counselors on tv were acting. Michael also said that's why he's not a counselor. He would have just brought a hose and a commercial size broom. And that would not have worked.

Anyway, I don't think I hoard, but I do know if I was told to throw it all away, I would struggle. And I do have a few issues. We all do. And I am more thankful than ever for the disciples...

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  1. Ok, so I watched Hoarders last night too. My dad is a hoarder and I guess it is some way for me to connect and try to have compassion for him and his illness.

    Michael is so right. Jesus. Is the Only answer. I miss you! Let's try to get together soon:)

    Love you,