Thursday, September 9, 2010

Josh and Jennifer

I am the youngest. By, oh, about twenty years. I am the, "Oh My God, I thought we had taken care of that, there's no way, I'm.... what!!!" Which means that by the time I came along and started my life, I had four older siblings, the oldest two being 18 and 20. I have never lived with them, since they were off at college by the time I learned to smile, much less sit up or talk. The other two siblings had the distinct pleasure of helping raise me in those early years, since they were 16 and 12.

Leaving lots unspoken about this entire situation, by the time I was seven, my oldest brother was getting married. And he married Donna, a woman who already had two children. Josh and Jennifer. From the age of seven on, I was an aunt with a nephew one year younger and a niece two years younger. We grew up together, acting out roles more like cousins than anything. As we ventured out into the big wide world, we went in different directions. They have both pursued art careers in New York and have succeeded. I pursued teaching and then, in family tradition, a surprise case of motherhood. And while we are all grown up and on our own paths I have to say I am quite proud to be related to them. It's fun watching them mature as artists, and their works are just beautiful. And I'm not just saying that so if I ever get to NY I have two places to stay!

For those of you interested in painting and photography, give them a looksee. It will be well worth your time.

Joshua Brown - photographer

Jenna Gribbon - painter

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