Friday, September 2, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Rest

Here are the rules:

1. You write on a given word for the week.

2. You write for five minutes only.

3. You publish whatever you write - the first time - on your blog.

4. You link it all up to The Gypsy Mama's blog so we can all share our thoughts.

5. You say a prayer of encouragement for the person that linked up right before you.

I met this man on my morning walk yesterday.  He talked about the folks in the neighborhood, him having been the yardman for most of them his whole working career.  I, being new to neighborhood, provided a fresh ear.  He went on and on about the good ones, the drunks, the ones who had passed away and left their property to the relatives.  Then he told me about some sisters that had inherited a big lot that they were trying to sell. 
He remarked, "He was a good man, that Mr. _______, but these nieces, they don't got no sense.  That lot itn'd worth a dollar, much less what they want for it.  And I have to deal with them.  They don't believe in the bible.  How you supposed to deal with people don't believe in the bible?  No, tell me."
I answered that I figured I'd probably pray for them if they didn't know about Jesus, because they were missing out big time. 
The man replied, "Well, you see what I's got to deal with, anyhow.  AND they live in (grimace) Colorado."
I laughed, and eventually continued on my walk.  But honestly, it makes me wonder, do either the nieces or the old man truly feel any rest?  The man seemed so upset he had to deal with non believers that it made me wonder if he had talked this issue over with Jesus lately.  And the nieces are without my God, and I find Him restful, that it makes me wonder how they feel peace.  Rest.  I pray those that have not found it can soon.  I know for me the only place it exists in in the hands of God.  When I get weary and I can hold on to no more, by giving the rest of it to Christ, I am able to rest in His hands. 


  1. Oh how easy it is to lose that rest...especially when dealing with people. But Jesus didn't, and that's our example...I agree with you that that man and the neices would find rest with Jesus, the Prince of Peace.
    Nice Post.
    Blessings! Lori

  2. What an interesting way to think about it. It's hard to deal with frustrating people sometimes, but when we think about how they may not have found rest in Christ, somehow it becomes just a tiny bit easier.