Monday, August 29, 2011


First, there is a fun giveaway of books for kids in those middle grade reading years.  Go here, read the blog, and give a comment, and you'll be entered into the drawing.  It's about a new book being released, and the whole packet has tons of other books related to the topic - Wolves.  The new release is a cool looking fiction, but lots of the others give neat info and fun other genres all relating to wolves to read.  A bit wordy there?  Oh well, just go enter....

Now, onto the topic of the day - writing.

I write a blog because I am terrible at keeping a handwritten journal.  I write because it is therapeutic.  I also write to share my thoughts with you, as well as record them for my children and family.  A little legacy if anything were to happen.  Not that I am planning on going anywhere, but if I did, my kids and my husband should know that I love them and that I am dependent on God and that He is in control for our good.  If I can state that to them, and they can read it over whenever they need to, then I feel more at peace.  So those are the reasons I write - mainly.

And, then, somewhere along the way, people have started coming to me and telling me I should write a book.  They like the way I write.  Why don't I get published?  At first I poopooed the idea, and said, "Oooh, thank you very much.  So sweet."  But it planted a seed in this little brain, and I have begun to think that just maybe I could give it a try.  Not the book, persay.  But the publishing, well, maybe.  So I entered that contest for Real Simple.  They said No.  I joined a writer's group.  Yet they are in Columbia and I am not, so making those monthly meetings is proving harder than I thought.  For now, I am just practicing.  Here, on this blog - just practicing.  If I ever make it to anywhere else, I will be sure to let you know.  I do plan on venturing out past this page, but I haven't gotten the process organized in my head enough to jump just yet...

A question for those of you that write - blogs, books, journals, devotionals, etc.  Why do you write?

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