Tuesday, August 9, 2011


My kids are getting on each other's nerves.  BIG TIME.  Since moving, they have had each other.  Pretty much only each other.  We had some friends come to visit, so each boy had the pleasure of playing with non family their own height.  Key has started soccer, which has allowed him to meet new kids here.  Kelly and I have volunteered at their new school, which has allowed him time to get excited about his new class.  But for most of our time, we have done everything together.  We are all looking forward to school...

And yet, my two boys are best friends.  Better than best.  Almost inseparable.

So when Key got a gift certificate in the mail for his birthday, rather than buy the biggest toy on his list, he picked something else.  Something smaller.  So he could share his gift with his brother.  Instead of putting it towards the Wii game he's been dreaming about or getting the newest and largest Lego game in the series he's collecting, he picked another game.  Still Lego, of course.  But less expensive.  Smaller.  Then he took Kelly over to the action figures where they looked for him.  Kelly finally settled on a space police Lego car.  All paid for by big brother.  For the past several days they have been entertaining themselves with a pulley system they designed, where the space police car delivers Legos to a baggie on the lift, and then the pieces get pulled up to the giant on the top bunk who fixes them and sends them back.  Days of entertainment.  Instead of jealousy or conflict. 

Here's the thing.  Key did a simple act of kindness.  He simply shared his bounty.  And in sharing, both of them benefited.  Had I forced this kindness on him, or had Kelly whined incessantly until he drove Key crazy, it would not have been the same.  But instead, it was just a boy that had a thought to think outside of himself.  And as his momma, I could not be more humbled.  (And a wee bit proud.)

Proverbs 11:25

A generous man will prosper;  he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.

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  1. so sweet. miss you. praying for y'all as you adjust. love you, allison