Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Minute Friday

Gypsy Mama's Five Minute Friday

Okay, I am still figuring things out, like how to add buttons and how to make pictures be the link instead of words, so bear with me.  That picture to the left is supposed to be a button that leads you into another member's little slice of this blog world, but instead you need to click on the words just at the top there.

Five Minute Friday is a writing exercise started by The Gypsy Mama.

Here are the rules:

1.  You write on a given word for the week.
2.  You write for five minutes only.
3.  You publish whatever you write - the first time - on your blog.
4.  You link it all up to The Gypsy Mama's blog so we can all share our thoughts.
5.  You say a prayer of encouragement for the person that linked up right before you.

I think I am supposed to copy her words in all that, but as I said, this is all new to me, and I am still figuring things out, so please grant me a bit of grace and understand my sense of spirited fun is in the right place.

Now, onto the word.
Well, it is supposed to be older, but another woman whose blog I read every day did her exercise last night and since she didn't know the word yet, she wrote on the word unknown
I am going to do a bit of both.

Older and Unknown go together perfectly for me.  See, I consider getting older as a journey in accepting the state of unknown.  When I was younger, unknown could take on various faces, some terrifying and unstable, some exciting and adventurous.  But I always had my parents close by to explain the unknown in whatever the situation.  But in getting older, unknown becomes more real than ever before, and it also becomes more serious.  Unknown becomes more often disconcerting than it does adventurous.  And as an adult, my mom and dad aren't always here to explain it away.  In being older and becoming a parent, I have taken up the position of explainer.  And for me, that's why God becomes so incredibly necessary.  Because, yes, I understand we initially need Jesus for everlasting life.  But for me, on a daily basis, I need God to be my explainer.  In the little things.  I need Him to take out the fear in unknown, so that as I get older, I can get back to my sense of childhood adventure.


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  1. "Because, yes, I understand we initially need Jesus for everlasting life. But for me, on a daily basis, I need God to be my explainer. In the little things." I love this! I'll say welcome, but I feel a little odd welcoming you into a world that I've just days before entered into myself. We'll be "new" together! So WELCOME sista! Look forward to seeing your blog grow for God!