Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 4: Wading in the Water

Two days ago I posted the words of an old spiritual.

Wade in the water 'cause God's goin' to trouble the water.

I feel like I have been walking alongside the river bank, thinking for a long time about jumping in that water.  I've been looking and thinking and looking again.  I keep trying to figure the best way to get in that water.  Do I jump in?  Do I tiptoe?  Do I go get friends to walk in with me or do I get in when no one's looking?  How on Earth do I get in that river safely?  And am I walking between two rivers and need to choose one, or is all the water in just one river?  What if I get in, and God troublin' the water means a current too strong for me?  If I get in, can I get back out?  And is wading meaning just gettin' in up to my knees or do I need the proper suit for all this wading?  I am at a point of crisis in my inability to get wet.  

And, in the meantime, God's gettin' all worked up.  So much so that He's just decided to start shaking the ground beneath my feet.  Just shake me right into that water.  And here I am, still standing on the edge, looking at my reflection in that water, trying to keep my balance til I figure out how to get in.  How to get in and introduce myself to the reflection looking back at me. 

So today, I pray that God will go easy on me.  Show me the way into that water.  Clothe me in the proper suit for such an adventure.  Give me the strength to survive the current.  Help me find the joy in gettin' wet.  Love me enough to keep shakin' that ground...  Protect me when I eventually just fall on in...


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