Saturday, March 17, 2012

Days 20-21: Miracles, Miracles everywhere

Do you believe in miracles?  Have you ever heard God's voice?  Has there ever been a moment when the unexpected practically drops you to your knees in wonder and gratefulness?

I love days like that.

It used to be, these things happened, but I must have brushed them off as coincidence and luck.  I think I am just becoming less blind in my older age.  Thicker glasses.  More awareness of my inability to truly control a darn thing.  Enough stuff that I've survived to have an acute awareness of my need for community.  Mainly of my need for Christ.  And my desire to be good friends with Him.  It's the friendship that makes Him easier to hear. 

So...Two days ago, on the same day I found out about sweet teacher, my husband had to take our old car to the shop.  For a new transmission.

We have been saving up to buy a house, and had just put an offer on house number five.  Houses one thru four fell through.  So point being, as we are waiting to hear about buying said house, our car starts begging for some attention.  This would not be the month or season we want to have to pay attention to old car.

Well...Between the car and the house, I called good friend to ask what God might be thinking?  Had he, perhaps, let her know and just not told me?  She didn't have a clue either, but she also told me about sweet teacher.

And that just ruins my day a little bit more...I mean seriously?  Why? 

I love sweet teacher, as you know.

And....wait....heres the good stuff.

God finally decides I have waited long enough.  No more torturing me with my own pit of wallowing self pity and doubt.  (And, yes, I know I made that pit all by myself...)

Husband calls.  The car shop decided to hook up old car to the computer, found a transmission leak, fixed it, and filled up the fluids.  For free.  But only if we come back in a week so they can check it again to make sure we are safe.

Real estate agent calls three hours later.  We got house number five.  No counter offer.  Just - we got it. 

Twenty four hours later, friend texts.  Sweet teacher is sitting up and eating.  Going to make a full recovery.  Doctor is still in awe, because he has never known another in his whole career to survive the rare stroke sweet teacher endured.  Never.

So, Praise Jesus.  Praise God.  Praise the Spirit.

I really do love miracles. 

And... my thicker glasses are pretty cool too.

Matthew 13:16

But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear.

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