Saturday, March 3, 2012

Days 7 - 10

Dear friends,

When I committed to write every day, I thought it would be like last time.  Difficult, but doable.  Highly motivating in my reconnection with God.

Instead, it has been sporadic and difficult and a bit short of doable.  And on days, such as today, when I have the time and inclination and access to my computer (my main hurdle this week), I feel nothing useful to share.

But I have felt God around me.  And I have seen Him all week in others.

Wednesday I found out that the bible teacher is planning to teach one more year while he plans to move to Azeria.  I think that's the place.  It is in the middle east.  Of the continent, not the U.S.  Moving to the middle eastern U.S. wouldn't be cause for concern.  But the middle east next to Iran and a bunch of other muslim countries that don't particularly like us a whole lot?  Much more need for prayer and preparation.  He and his wife and his infant daughter will be going as missionaries.  I find that particular life choice to be quite daring, and I have realized that while I can pray and collect stuff and send care packages and dollar bills, I am not a drop everything and go kind of gal.  Luckily, the Lord has use for all of us.

Thursday I had the pleasure of helping friends work out differences before they started solving issues with fists.  And, being I was teaching third grade, I had the surprise of being told that one child was explaining S.E.X. to the other children in the class.  One boy was upset at such a word, and while he admitted he wasn't sure what that word meant, he wanted me to make the others stop talking about it.  Apparently one girl's parents had decided to have "the talk" with her, and she felt inclined to share her newfound knowledge with the rest of the third grade during lunch.

Friday I got to join the fifth grade once again, and since I have been with these students a few times, we really did have a fun day together.  They are at that awkward stage where they are preparing to grow up soon, and they roll their eyes at me while asking me to pray for their pet dog that has a cold the next.  I love fifth grade.

And all throughout this week, my husband and I have tried, in vain, to buy a house, and my kids have had endless soccer lessons.  None of us has been home, and I think the kids have worn the same t shirt for three days now.

But we're happy.  We have prayed together.  We are leaving our future in Christ's hands.  And we get to go to church tomorrow for the first time in four or five weeks.

So, there's an update on Lent.  I pray in all of your daily journeys, Christ is meeting you. 

Love and blessings,


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