Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Afternoon snacks

My mom has a sweet tooth. A big one. And I am her fifth child. Which meant that by the time I came along, she got to have fun with me rather than fret over my every move. She was a more relaxed mom than the ones my friends had. Therefore, I got stuff other kids didn't. While other kids went home to carrot sticks and fresh fruit, we went to the mini mart. My mom allowed each of us (her and me) to pick out one drink and one candy bar every afternoon after school. She would get a Diet Coke and a Mr. Goodbar. I would get a Sprite and Reese's cups or a Mr. Goodbar or a Payday. I had a list of favorites. My dad must have thought this was a delicious idea, because he got a Snickers out of the vending machine at work every afternoon. He told us so. Eventually my dad's candy bar habit caught up to him when his doctor told him his cholesterol and blood pressure were less than ideal. He started eating more salad and skipping the candy bars. My MOM, though, was born with good genetics when it comes to cholesterol, so our daily ritual remained safe for years to come. On weekends, I could ride my bike down the this same mini mart for hot dog lunches, as long as I brought back enough for the family. Nowadays, there aren't many mini marts with a grill directly behind the cash register, and nutritionists deeply frown upon candy bar snacks every afternoon. But the truth is, it was a special little thing just between Mom and me. And I still smile while thinking of her every time I see a Mr. Goodbar.

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  1. Patty,
    What a sweet reminder of how the little moments from our childhood can shape how we find joy in the little things as an adult. It also reminds me to be more of a "fun mom". :)