Monday, May 31, 2010

Music and Art

Oftentimes when I am asked or feel called to sew a piece of artwork, I pick a song to represent that particular project. My classic favorite artist is Robin Mark. Maybe it is his voice, maybe the music and lyrics, or maybe the connection I feel to him since my family has met him twice now. Michael had the opportunity to play drums in two of his concerts the last two summers. There's something about seeing your husband rocking out on stage and singing along to Jesus music - children, friends, and parents at your side - with an Irishman as your guide. The memory alone wells up and overflows in my heart. Music stirs my soul, and I am going to make the assumption that it has the ability to stir most anybody's. My children jump around the house to the slightest hint of a beat. It is innate in us; it is strong and powerful and inspirational; it is motivating. And for me, it weaves visions I need to make the art that I am asked to make.

Please stay awhile, read, and enjoy my playlist. It's varied - some spiritual, some fun, some memorable of stages in life!

Travel Bag for Simon of Cyrene

The bag itself holds rocks, and was originally set at the base of a cross. There's lots of meaning here. Simon had to set down his own priorities for the day to help Christ carry the cross. For us, when looking at a bag loaded with rocks, we would be crazy to go and take on that burden. We would be crazy to pick up Simon's bag and follow in his example...unless you look inside. Written on the rocks are verses from the bible. God's words, God's power are contained in that bag. Others have written blessings on rocks and added them to the bag. Accepting the bag is not a burden after all. The strap looped around the bag is actually three strands of white gauze fabric braided and tied into an Anglican rosary. The gauze is white for purity and braided to represent the three pieces of the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). The red knots represent fruits of the Spirit - love, peace, joy, kindness, self control, gentleness, patience, faithfulness, and goodness.

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