Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Grace Flows Down

The song that comes on when you clicked on my blog was one that actually helped me in a mental block a few days before I gave up Simon's bag for display. It aptly fits with another piece of art I made last fall, and the song I used as inspiration was Laura Story's Grace.

Ladder of Grace

Ladder = accomplishments, the next step, progression of life and progression towards sanctification

Starting at bottom rung

1st feet = birth, physically and spiritually; boy and girl

2nd feet = early childhood; paisley and apples - growth

3rd feet = childhood and adolescence; stripes - pathways; black and white - conflict between innocence and rebellion

4th feet = providers; plaid and dress shirt - dependable provider; flowers and many patterns - busyness and nurturer

5th feet = empty nest; embroidered tapestry and deep satin purple - richness, wisdom

6th feet = death and release of spirit; Irish linen – dust; red, streaked, raw silk – Spirit

Ribbons = relationship between male and female counterparts

1st set = conception

2nd set = growth

3rd set = clear black and white ideals; hot pink for passion

4th set = provider and nurturer; gray for blurred lines

5th set = deep connection

6th set = connected by the Spirit

Cheesecloth that provides the main support for the entire piece = Grace

It runs all through our phases of spiritual and physical lives, and flows endlessly in one continual piece. The flowing cheesecloth that runs down behind the piece shows us that we are always covered in grace and the knots and silver buttons (nails) at the bottom are God’s hands to lift us up and to catch us when we fall.

**This piece was created specifically to hang during a weekend retreat on sanctification and grace. While the piece may seem a bit pieced together and busy when looking at a picture, part of the fun of working with fabric is that the viewer can walk up and touch each element. This sense of touch is lost when viewing through a photo.**

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