Monday, May 2, 2011


Today I'd like to add strawberry picking to that list of grace filled activities my children could do over and over and over and over....

Truth. I could too. Last Friday, the boys and I went to pick these delectable berries, and we came home with two bushels. I slipped in the mud and got all kinds of stinky dirty. It was some of the most fun, carefree moments I have had in a long while, and not until I got them did I realize how much that time was so desperately needed.


My boys.

Wholesome food.



So wonderful, we went again yesterday with our friends. And got two more bushels. Canning will commence shortly...

Do you think God looks at us and says, "Why yes, that one is growing nicely. She's still a bit green and young, but wow, is she ripening. Just beautiful!" ?

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  1. I miss those SC strawberries! Abby and Callie used to eat about as many as they managed to get in the buckets!