Monday, May 16, 2011

Stopping Satan

On the way home from church, Key shared with me what he got out of church. Key won't go to Sunday school because he wants to hear the sermons. He told us he isn't big enough yet to understand them, but he still likes to listen. Sometimes he can get something through the messages. Key said that yesterday, as Father Hule talked about us all being sheep, that he understood a lot of that sermon. But Key then went on to inform us that what he really understood best was the prayers. God bless my precious children. They teach me so much. Really.

Key - When we pray in church, it looks like God is shining on Father Hule, and he's looking up at God, and Father Hule is like a messenger, and his light shines on the congregation. And when we are all praying together, we are all looking down, so we are shining our prayers down on Satan. And Satan can't have any power when we are all aiming God's power at him. It's a big chain - God to Father Hule to us to Satan. Do you think that's right, Mom?

Me - Yes, Key, and I love the way your mind works.

Together, through prayer, we are rendering Satan helpless. And it all starts with our one true power source.
God Almighty.

And it was explained through the words of an eight year old.


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