Monday, April 4, 2011

Lenten Journal Day 23

Tonight I went to a monthly dinner, Ultreya. Again, I came home uplifted. Educated. Filled. Those people take me in and welcome me into a family. It's a diverse family, and that's a big reason I like it. They also love on my kiddos, which as a momma bear, just warms my heart. I pray I find a similar family with an open spot up in Rock Hill; otherwise I'll be driving quite a ways for dinner on the first Monday of every month.

Anyway, there are several people that say smart things every time I talk with them, but one statement stood out for me to share. She's a Daughter of the King. Far as I can tell, they are sort of like nuns that might be married with families and possibly have other full time jobs. Of course, I don't know what all it takes to be a nun or a Daughter, so I may have the wrong perception. However, their commitment involves prayer, evangelism, and service. One of the women I was talking with said her hardest part is the prayer part. That surprised me. These are women I look up to and aim to be one day. I never considered that one them would have an area in which they struggled. Of course they would, but I had them all in a category as more gifted at the Christian stuff than the regulars. You know. Regulars like you. Or me. Turns out, those women struggle in keeping their faith all balanced and whole too.

Well, the one I talked to gave me a tip. When you wake up - pray. Before you get out of bed. Every day. Wake up. Pray. Stand up. Go drink coffee. She said she didn't have a chair or a time and that fitting in the prayers had been a challenge to her. So she does this one rule, in addition to lots of other stuff.

Wake up. Pray. Stand up.

And so, again, Ultreya.

Tomorrow - wake up. Pray. Stand up.

Then go drink coffee with Michael....

"Prayer enlarges the heart until it is capable of containing God's gift of himself."

Mother Teresa

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