Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lenten Journal Day 31

God is Great, God is good.
Let us thank Him for our food.
By His hands we all are fed.
Give us Lord our daily bread.


(Of course, if you were inside my head this morning, you would have heard the word now in place of the word Lord. Freudian slip.)

My partner at work, Christy, suggested we do an oldie but goodie blessing for tea party this morning. Mix it up a bit. We get tired of saying the same old, same old. When we just chant without enthusiasm, the meaning and praise of the blessing gets, well, watered down. A lot.

The same idea goes for my life, in general. I am a creature of habit. I adore routine. I like being near home. I want safety, a sense of security and control over my life. But sometimes, safety and routine can inhibit fun.

Last night I went to a ladies night at an art studio, and I painted a palmetto tree. I got to hang out with other women in the community, drink my coffee, eat some goodies, and bring home a piece of handmade art. My very own painting. This activity is not in my norm. I broke out of my little box. The only reason I even went was because Christy called me and invited me, and my whole family told me to go. Truth? My norm can tend to get downright stifling, and though I had not realized I was to that point, even my oldest said I would be nicer when I got back.

And guess what happened? I had a fantastic time! I was nicer when I got back. How about that? A little me time, a little stepping outside my box, a little creativity, a little daily bread handed to me on a canvas made me happy. Joyful. How about that?

Added bonus: I have a fun new activity I can share with my kids.

So what if I haven't sold my house? This art studio is in Columbia, in my
here life. God is still taking care of there.

(Plus, how could I deny Christy the pleasure of telling me, "I told you so!")


  1. That would look really good in my family room! (hint, hint, it would make a great Christmas present), I'm really into family art ya know, and if that's your first real painting, I think you have a new calling!

  2. Thanks Donna! I went to this place, Tag It art, and the owner walks the whole group through a painting step by step. We each came out with our version of a tree. It was neat seeing how even with identical materials and the same instructions, our trees all looked unique. I wish I could say I just whipped it up all on my own!

  3. I was so glad you could come! I really enjoyed getting the chance to catch up a bit. Thanks for another thought-provoking blog. :) And look, I finally figured out how to post a comment!