Friday, April 15, 2011

Lenten Journal Day 33

It's day 33.

Did you know that an Anglican rosary has 33 beads? The number 33 and the specific beads have lots and lots of meaning. (Click on the highlighted word - it's worth it)

For those of you that think beads are only for Catholics, you are just plain dead wrong. As a person with a small attention deficit issue, beads help me remember what I was even praying about in the first place. It was awhile ago that Peggy Denny from St. Thaddeus Episcopal brought beads to some weekend retreat. All I know is us adults had the opportunity to do a craft just like real camp from when I was in middle school, and most of us jumped at the chance. We sat around talking and stringing beads, and at the end, we each had our very own handmade rosary.

For me, it was love at first sight.

When I pray "the rosary" I use the beads to help me keep track of what all I need to get out of my head and all that I need God to hear. I absolutely cannot listen to God until I have had my say. If I try to listen first, all I do is fidget trying to concentrate on the listening and completely ignore anything God may whisper just for me. So, I use the beads. And I start at the beginning; at the cross. I pour out my soul and my "so sorrys" and "my thank you so muches". I tell God what I think about the state of the world and our country and our little state and my little city and my tiny growing church and my sweet, sweet family and friends and I ask for help in ways that grow Him and alleviate suffering in us in ways I cannot fathom. And I try to remember to say "please and thank you" all throughout. By the time I am done, I am spent. No more do I have the energy for worry or fuss or fear or anxiety. My heart just is no longer with those distractions. And yet, my heart is full and ready. Ready for Him, for His whispers and guidance. And once again, I have fallen in love - all the while holding just some simple beads.

33 of them to be exact.

** The rosaries pictured are my children's. A dear friend, Jessi George, made these for my boys. They practice using them when we are on long road trips, those conversations are treasures for my soul. **

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  1. I love that Peggy introduced us to Anglican prayer beads. I have since learned how to pray the Rosary and find that this form of prayer/meditation draws me closer to God.