Monday, March 21, 2011

Lenten Journal Day 11

Please read my blog entry for my conversation with Kelly.

Right after I had that conversation with my youngest son, Kelly, I wrote that blog entry. Funny how God waits for me to break down and agree to His terms before He acts. He does that to me a lot. It is almost predictable that the moment I finally listen to Him, He gives me a gift of hope or understanding or joy. In the next instant this time, He gave me hope, and a feeling of confidence that all will be well. I still don't have full understanding, but I'm jumping ahead, and y'all don't know what I'm talking about!

Friday night I had that conversation, and I wrote it down for my blog the next day. Saturday morning my real estate agent in Rock Hill called. I had left her a message earlier in the week saying that I did not want to look at any more houses until I could buy one and that when I sold my house, I would call. I was canceling my appointment with her. So she called me back, on Saturday morning, which I did not expect, to tell me I had made the right decision. The house I had planned to see sold immediately. But she had more news. Another home that I asked her to look into awhile ago is for sale, and the owner would like for us to come look at it even if we can't buy it. She would love to have a family like ours in the neighborhood (she lives two doors down), and is willing to work with us. Then that same afternoon, a St. Joseph statue arrived in our mailbox. Michael's mom sent it to us with the instructions on how to use him to help bless the sale of our home. Legend has it that if you bury St. Joseph upside down with his feet pointing to heaven and his face towards your home, and you pray over him, your home will sell. As thanksgiving you are to display him in a place of honor in your next home. As we read the prayer, it said that St. Joseph's feast day is March 19th, the day he arrived and we buried him. It was fun and joyful and prayerful for the whole family to dig a hole under the "for sale" sign and bury St. Joseph.

I love that the moment I gave up my plans to God, Michael and I got invited to view a home we can't buy and that St. Joseph showed up in our mailbox on his own feast day. I asked Michael why I was agreeing to drive to Rock Hill to see this house when we still have to sell one here. He told me to stop asking questions and just enjoy the ride. So I will. I go tomorrow.

Saint Joseph (You know, Jesus's Dad)
Patron of Workers

Glorious St. Joseph, you are the pattern of all who work. Obtain for me, please, the grace to work conscientiously and to put devotion to duty before my selfish inclinations. Help me to labor in thankfulness and joy, for it is an honor to employ and to develop by my labor the gifts I have received from almighty God. Grant that I may work in orderliness, peace, moderation and patience without shrinking from weariness and difficulties. I offer my fatigue and perplexities as reparation for sin. I shall work, above all, with a pure intention and with detachment from self, having always before my eyes the hour of death and the accounting which I must to render of time ill-spent, of talents unemployed, of good undone, and of empty pride in success, which is so fatal to the work of God.
For Jesus through Mary, all in imitation of you, good St. Joseph. This shall be my motto in life and in death.

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  1. Hey Patricia, can you send us one of those for our house in Hawaii? I'll do anything if it might work!