Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lenten Journal Day 20

A few days ago in a phone conversation, my father kindly let me know that my best friend, my go to gal, the one I call first when needing to vent, my sister, Carol, does not read my blog. (I'm trying to make her feel bad, so if you talk to her, you can tell her all that I've said so far.) She also wanted to know what the title of this blog even means, anyway. Hmm...

What does it mean?

Well, I started writing in order to sort out and tell my story about making a station of the cross and about my talks with God. Two years ago I had an incredible journey where my relationship with Christ grew and where I truly felt God's presence - strongly. So last year when I set out wanting to repeat the experience as I made another station of the cross, I started by writing. Getting it down. That was blog entry number one.

Since then, I have kept it spiritual in nature because it's just better that way. I have continued to write mainly because it helps me sort out thoughts, share realizations with friends, and act as a journal of sorts. Since I am not good at finishing handwritten journals, by making this blog I am keeping a record.

For the name, well, it goes back to the first entry. Both stations I made involved sewing. Creative sewing. Without patterns. Lots of cloth. Lots of color. Freehand. And yet, my favorite piece of cloth is really just a bandanna. Just a simple square. Useful. Whimsical. At times necessary. Hence the title - Bandannas and Cloth.

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