Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lenten Journal Day 6

Today I ask a favor of you. Most of you know that my house is for sale. I picked my real estate agent by visiting open houses in the neighborhood, scouting out competition. When I first met Bruce, I did not know we were moving, but I did know it was a possibility, and since I have an obsessive personality, I immediately started doing research. He was the one that was nice, and honest, and not pushy. We became acquaintances, and he was helpful even before we knew what we would be doing. And so, when the time came to sell our home, we picked Bruce.

Then, the week he was to come over and list our home, he called to say that he was in the hospital. Bruce is a leukemia survivor, and the disease had come back. We waited, but he did not get out of the hospital. So, he sent over a friend, Bob Wilkins, who is now our real estate agent. He's also great, by the way. Bruce has been in and out of the hospital since last November receiving chemo. In his off time he has continued to work, and has been very kind in hosting open houses for us.

Today, Bruce goes in the hospital to receive more chemo and prepare for his bone marrow transplant. The transplant will happen next week. Here's my favor. Please add him to your prayer list. I know he'd be grateful. I also had a thought this morning that the wait that my family is going through for our move is hard. It really is. Some times I wait more patiently than other times. But my wait cannot even start to compare with the wait Bruce goes through in battling leukemia. So please pray for him as you see fit. I personally pray for healing and also for a restful heart. I pray for his whole family as they all wait together.

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