Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lenten Journal Day 16

Grace. Michael and I have been given grace all weekend. Some of it has been hard to accept. Yes. Hard to accept.

1. Michael was given a gas allowance to help with the cost of his commute. Since gas prices have gone up dramatically lately, his new firm decided to give him this allowance to help combat some of the cost of his daily drive until we are able to sell our home.

2. We have had logs sitting outside our house in a pile that the county refuses to pick up. The logs are too long. We don't own a chain saw, and though I actually tried standing on one end of one darn log and pulling on the other end with all my might, that chunk of wood just wasn't breaking. However, today a man drove by in a truck and picked up almost all of the logs to use at his home. They have been outside our house with faded notes from the county hanging off a branch for months. As the guy drove off, Michael just said, "You know God did that."

3. We went to get our meat. It's delicious all organic meat raised on a farm nearby. The couple that owns the farm gives us what we need. Michael used to work with Miss Francis, and she decided we were poor and needed her meat so our children could be fed properly. Up until I tasted her meat, I thought we were feeding our children just fine. After I tasted homemade sausage, I had to concede. We keep offering to pay them, and we even did pay them once, but she ripped up our check. Miss Francis doesn't want our money. She keeps telling us we're a young, poor family that is in the middle of a big change. We can pay later, once we move. Once Michael isn't driving so far every day. We even told them about the kind gesture from his firm, but still, they give us the meat for free. And once the weather is better, we get to go back out to the farm so the boys can learn to ride horses. Did I mention the boys played in their barn all afternoon? She even fed them snacks before she packed up our meat. In her cooler. Because the cooler we brought wasn't big enough for all they planned to give us. Seriously.

I finally came to the conclusion that I need to recognize each gift for what it is. A gift. Offerings of grace. Undeserved. Not earned. Just because.


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  1. that is awesome. God is awesome. His faithfulness never ceases to amaze me:)